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I Like to draw things

(That's really the gist of it. But you can read more if you want.)


Hey, I'm Jake

I am a self-taught artist specializing in realism. I began creating art at a young age and quickly found that I was drawn to (pun?) a realistic style. What began with drawing some of my favorite cartoons and video game characters soon shifted into a challenge to recreate all sorts of things with as much detail as my pencil could capture. This fascination with creating photo-realistic art is something that continues to this day as I continue to work to improve my skill set in each new piece that I create. I enjoy the time and effort that goes into this style and look for new subjects with more intricate detail or subtle shading to push myself further.

My artistic interests are constantly broadening as I find myself consistently exploring new media and art styles. I am often inspired by the incredible work of other artists, awed by what they create and curious to try out different techniques or supplies myself. I hope that the end result of my work is something that others can enjoy and perhaps be inspired by themselves.


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