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I Like to draw things

(That's really the gist of it. But you can read more if you want.)

Jake Summerour Headshot DIgital

Hey, I'm Jake

I’m an artist and illustrator based in Charlotte, NC specializing in creating fun and bold pieces of artwork with an admittedly lighthearted edge. Over the past few years my style has evolved from focusing solely on realism to exploring my creativity a bit more with some stylized creatures, characters, and bright colors. 


A lot of my current work is done in ink, with a focus on clean linework and hatching, but my style is continuing to evolve through explorations into digital artwork, painting, and experiments with combining my new style with my more realistic roots. 


My artistic interests are constantly broadening as I find myself exploring new media and art styles. I am often inspired by the incredible work of other artists, awed by what they create and curious to try out different techniques or supplies myself. I hope that the end result of my work is something that others can enjoy and perhaps be inspired by themselves.




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