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What do you want?

Let's put together your own custom piece! Whether you want a picture of your dog, or a bearded dragon playing a banjo on a barn roof -- I got you. 


COMMISSION REQUEST - Don't be shy. Include all the little details you want to make this piece special. If there's an existing piece of 

       mine that you particularly like, be sure to mention that too! And don't worry, if there's a reference photo you want to use, you can

       send it later.

MEDIUM - Pick what you like! I've included some pictures of the direction I tend to go in for each, but that's not set in stone. The price

       listed is based on standard piece and will be the final price in most cases. However, price is subject to increase with higher 

       complexity request (many characters, detailed scenes, etc.). In all cases price will be confirmed prior to beginning work.

       All digital pieces will include digital file and an 8x10 print (or representative size) with order.

SHIPPING LOCATION - No need for a full address; just a city and state for now -- or country if it needs to be delivered internationally.


DESIRED COMPLETION DATE - Planning to give this as a gift? Be sure to let me know when it is needed by, so I can make sure you

       have it on time. Otherwise, it's first come, first serve.

Select your Medium
Ink Artwork Example
Ink and Marker Artwork Example
Digital Artwork Example
Paint Artwork Example


Ink & Marker



Looking for something bigger? Mention it in your request or reach out directly through the contact page.

Can I share the final results on social media?

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for your interest but commission slots have been filled. Be sure to follow on social media and subscribe to the mailing list to get notified as soon as they reopen.


I'll review your request and notify you via email whether it has been accepted or not. Please note that not all requests will be accepted.

If accepted, I'll provide a quote for the work and a 50% deposit will be required prior to beginning the work. This deposit is non-refundable. If requested, I will then work to provide rough sketches and begin work. Upon completion, a photo of the final piece will be sent and the remainder of the payment must be provided prior to shipping.


Please note that purchasing a commission in no way constitutes a copyright transfer of the artwork created. All copyright remains with the artist and as such, artwork may not be reproduced, reprinted, sold, nor used for any commercial purposes such as logos or promotional material. 

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