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Tattoo Ticket

You sure about this? You know its permanent, right?

Look at you. You're one of the good ones. Some people would just take some art they like and just go crazy with it. "I found it on the internet, so it's mine now." Well not you. You wanted to do it the right way.

And because of that, I can't really punish you. Some people will go ahead and get my work tattooed without asking and that's whatever. But for those that want to show a little love, here's your chance.

Tattoo tickets are DONATION ONLY. Put what you want to pay or what you think is fair. From $1 to $1000, I don't really care -- but maybe like $30 idk? Then go permanently put a doodle on your body, you wacko. 

Oh, and tag me when you do so I can see it!


Tattoo ticket donations accepted here!


You're wonderful! Now go get that ink.

The purpose of the TATTOO TICKET above is simply to provide my approval to use my artwork as a reference for your tattoo(s). It is entirely voluntary and if you choose not to donate please know I still love you-- just slightly differently than those that choose to do so. Receipt of a TATTOO TICKET does not permit reproduction or resale of my artwork beyond the tattoo, nor does it an any way convey ownership of a piece of artwork.

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